Monday, February 25, 2013

You Break It, You Buy It

Kaia poured bourbon, sipped her own. “You taste like carrion.”

I rolled up my sleeve, displaying scars matching Nate’s new tattoo. “I come with warning labels.”

“On your hip. Sybil should’ve said.”

“No, she shouldn’t. Neither should you. Forget tonight.”

“Would that I could, son of the fallen.”

“Should I ensure your reticence to spread rumors?”

She blanched. “Unnecessary. I’m bound to you now.”

“Come again?”

“Didn’t the first time. Shame, that.”

Regan emerged, shaken.

“Or perhaps not.” Kaia slipped off the stool. “For my sin, Accords dictate I perform three tasks. Restoring her is one. Choose the others wisely.”


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