Nate and Seth vol. 2

The Nate and Seth series is a continuing story. This is the second volume and will continue until the boys have another falling out - and possibly beyond. With few exceptions, each piece of the story is 100 words or less. Most were written for writing challenges, which is why you will see words repeated if Colleen and I have both responded. She writes Nate's POV, and I write Seth's. We share Uncle Jim, because he's easy like that. 

Flirting with Disaster
Avoidance - By Colleen Foley
Stick and Carrot
Never Take the Bait - By Colleen Foley
Ashes to Ashes
Who'll Stop the Rain? - By Colleen Foley
Ignorance is Bliss - By Colleen Foley
Old Wounds
Wheel of Fortune - By Colleen Foley
Spinning Out
What Next? - By Colleen Foley
Cold and Broken
Stone Cold Sober - By Colleen Foley
Opening Gambit
Slow Your Roll - By Colleen Foley
Square One
Testing the Faith - By Colleen Foley
Whip Smart
Finding the Up Side
Hit Between the Eyes - By Colleen Foley
Tug of War
Same Old Song and Dance - By Colleen Foley
Thick as a Brick

Side Bars:
Dark Son Rising (or what Seth did on his time off)
A Work In Progress (or what Nate did on his time off) - By Colleen Foley
Reparation - (What Seth also did on his time off) 

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