This page keeps track of stories (most 100 words) that will inform one of my novels. They do not, at this point, form a coherent narrative, nor will they necessarily be consistent, as I am using them to muck about with ideas. You might get the idea I don't much care for angels, and you would be right, but they sure are interesting.

These are the somewhat chronological parts I'm calling Revelations:

Born Again (Belial)
Six of One (Belial)
The Right Tool for the Job (Belial)
Damned Blessing (Belial)
Painted A Lady (Belial)
Dance with the Devil (Belial, Satan)
The Mark of a Good Editor (Satan)
Following Orders (Belial)
Tit for Tat (Belial)

These are related to my current WIP, tentatively titled Lucifer Asleep

Mote to Beam (Ezra)
Overlook (Belial)
Decisions (Ezra)
Rebelations (Ezra)

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