Friday, February 01, 2013


Clothing burns. Water washes away blood. Metal protects the drain from ash and sinew and bone, sloughed off as I try and try to come clean. No amount of scrubbing or fire will expunge what was done, almost done, undone by my hands.

And yet, I cannot regret it.

I can take enormous amounts of pain – a sick skill, but useful.  Long ago, I learned to set aside feelings and do what it takes to survive, to save innocents and sometimes the world.  But I can’t not feel around Nate, can’t bear his pain.

Someday, that will get me killed.



  1. Seriously good. As ever.

  2. Thank you! I kept it to 100 words, as it seemed the right thing to do, even though Seth pushes for more and more. Seems to be a habit with him.