Sunday, February 03, 2013


Trina got a nice place down the back alley, abandoned garage with windows broke out but solid brick walls. She keep a ladder hid, so folks don’t know about the loft where she sleep during daytime. Sometimes, she lets me crash there, but I gotta get out before she start working.

Only I been sick for a couple three days, so she let me rest up while she do her thing. That how I come to watch her shove that nice-looking boy against the wall, stretch him out so I can see he muscles bulging. And other things. I held my breath so I didn’t let on I was watching her rub against him as he make them sounds go right to my nethers. I could almost taste the salt she licked from he skin, flicking tongue over nipple.

One hand covered my mouth, I was panting so hard. The other covered something else, grinding like she did with he underneath her, unheeding of the dirt floor, just happy she skin touching his. He think she a painted lady, right up until she bit into his neck. He bucked, thrust, and moaned with pleasure as she nearly drunk him dry.


Written for Sinful Sunday with these prompts: back-alley & painted lady, plus
ETA: Apparently, the judge liked it!


  1. Wonderfully fascinating voice to this.(and the 'ssiinge' Captcha especially appropriate!)

  2. Oh, thank you! It is difficult to establish voice in one-off flash fiction, but I like the challenge.