Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bound to Happen

“You aren’t finished.” Sybil slid me a shot.

“Yes, I am.” Hand wobbly, I drank.

“Cantankerous boy. I’ll not loose you upon the world in this state. Go downstairs.”

I nodded, recognizing wisdom.

Nate’s brow furrowed as if he’d intervene, but one look from Sybil and he went back to drinking.

The cool dark welcomed me. I knelt, mouthing familiar prayer.

Regan interrupted oratory. “Thought you I would not sate? I am not so cruel.”

She needed no chains, nor whip to mar now-smooth flesh. I was as defenseless as she was hungry.

On cold stone, she set me free.


For a more detailed version of what happened, read Dancing in the Dark. Just remember, I did say detailed.


  1. Ack! I finally caught up with the series and now I have to wait for more? That is the authors true cruelty! Well played to you both! I really enjoy this snippets and glimpses in a much different way than if the whole story were to be set out for you. What delightful fun! This story is like a true stripper, not someone who walks out in a string thong but practically in Victorian dress and layer by layer I learn more. Wonderfully done! Thank you both for sharing!

  2. You didn't have to wait too long. Seth likes to tell stories. :) Thank you so much for reading it all! I'm glad you're enjoying their adventures.

  3. Thank you, MIchelle! I'm so glad you like it.