Thursday, February 07, 2013

Reunion - Take Two

He entered smiling, as if I hadn’t killed him a few weeks back. Or tried to. Either he didn’t hold a grudge or was contemplating retribution. Possibly both.

“Hello, son.” The rasp in his voice was satisfying. He hadn’t escaped entirely unscathed.

“Told you last time, I’m none of yours.”

“Right before you made me choke on the blood we share. That spell would have worked on someone else.”

“But you aren’t human,” I finished for him. “Did my mother know?”

“Not sure. You want me to raise her spirit and ask?”

I shuddered. “Leave her out of it.”

“Ah, but it was she who made off with you in her womb, thus depriving me of my child and heir.”

“Whatever you want from me, I’m not interested. I have my own problems.”

“I’ve watched you rushing around, saving people from monsters. Stomping on smoldering brush does no good when the wildfire is heading your way. There’s a battle coming, and you’ve a part to play, whether you will it or not.”

“Did you start this fight?”

“In a manner of speaking. There didn’t always used to be a war. You know what began it.”

I couldn’t tell you how I knew, but I did. “My birth.”

“Good boy. Now, let’s see if we can stop it.”

“I’d rather save innocent people.”

“Perhaps you should consider what will happen if they’re caught in the crossfire. War is coming.”

I sighed, resigned. Turns out, being the half-breed prince of monsters sucks.

Written for Thurs Threads. Consider this a possible alternate universe for Seth. Boy, would that irritate him! And hey, look what happened:

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