Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Like a deep-rooted cyst, Nate’s self-loathing needed lancing. I knew just the place for it.

He balked. “A brothel? No.”

“Trust me.”

Sybil met us in the foyer. “Trundling home with your wounded?”

“He needs Sunitra.”

“I said no,” Nate spat.

“All is consensual here,” Sybil soothed. “If you and Sunny do not come to accord, first drink’s on me.”

Sunitra smiled. “No disgrace in conversation.”

Watching them leave, Sybil murmured, “He’s not the only one who needs a sin-eater.”

“I’m fine.”

“Seth, darling, you cannot lie to me. I see everything.”

“For a price.”

Sybil bared her teeth. “Indeed.”


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