Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Uncommon Courtesy

Tiffany-Leigh: cheerleader, straight-A student, future veterinarian, inherently cool. She’d surpassed high school aristocracy to stand just below demi-god.

Me: quiet, average everything, no glamour – even though I could be shiny if I wanted.

Carrington Manse
: not really haunted, still dangerous.

The perfect szygy: fates aligned for the popular girl to die.

Only idiots cross the hungry grounds of Carrington on purpose, which meant Tiffany-Leigh was bullied or pushed into the eldritch woods. She didn’t scream.

I usually let travelers fall, but Tiffany-Leigh is nice to everyone. Even me. That makes her worth saving.

Even if she’ll never know my name.

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