Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cat and Mouse Games

He was devilishly handsome and only seen after dark. Blue-black hair in fashionable dishabille complimented perfectly tailored suits. He stood out in nightclubs, where he never seemed to sweat. A killer smile and come-hither gaze didn’t hide his predatory nature.

She knew him instantly for what he was. Once, she might have sought formal introduction. This one wanted a thing to be stalked, a skittish miss with a bit of a stutter, shyly bitten lip, eyes widened at his inherent dominance. The trick was not to appear eager. If he’d wanted a parnel, they crowded the nightclub, too foolish to think of charging for their favors.

Seduction proved simple – short but merry chase along the bar, across a room, out to the street, where he finally convinced her to get in his limousine and thereafter his bed. The only thing that had changed over the centuries was the mode of transport.

He was exactly as expected: talented, accomplished, masterful, beautiful even in release. They rode each other hard through the night.

Slick bodies entwined, she whispered, “I could drown in your essence.”

Fool that he was, he invited her. And thus fell another vampire imposter, albeit an incredibly tasty one.

Written for the Sinful Sunday Challenge

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  1. 'parnel' - lovely word and SO useful!! - thank you indeed.
    'beautiful even in release' - sinful enough for a Sunday, yes.