Thursday, June 28, 2012


She was pregnant when she left me, no note, no trail. Josette had been good at covering things up, but she’d slipped at the end. That’s how I knew she was carrying my child. I didn’t think she had it in her to run. My mistake.

I expected a daughter. Witches always have girls. There’s a bunch of lore about why, including prophecies warning of the First of Many – the male witch whose son would have a son who would have a son who breaks the world. Never had a male witch been born nor likely would be.

My own mother had tried to pass me off as the First, but that wasn’t why I was special. Wasn’t the spells she fed me, either. It was the father who didn’t belong in this world who gave me my power, such as it is.

I use illusion to fool folks into seeing what they fear most. Demons are a big favorite – proof that most have never experienced the terror of meeting an angel. The cast-out are easier to face than God’s precious warriors, but not much.  

The young man facing me wanted to see a demon, a monster, a foe. At first, I let him. Then he tried to banish me using his mother’s words. I barely kept from laughing at this terribly serious boy.

My boy.

My son.

The First.

I let him see the real me, so like him.

“No,” he prayed, but God doesn't hear aberrations like us.

Written for Thursday Threads, found here. Romance, erotica, dark fiction, good people. Check it out.
Note: this is from the POV of Seth's father.


  1. Excellent - some biography - and as everything else you write, so sweet to read, and so fascinating a vision to contemplate. (As far as reading paranormal, witchcraft etc. I am something of a virgin, this is the first time I've been severely tempted)

  2. I take that as a huge compliment! I think urban fantasy is, like other writing, at its best when the characters are more important than the things they can do.

  3. That must be partly why I so much enjoy this - that it is character-led, since that's the way I best write. Thanks fir the definition 'urban fantasy' - reduced my ignorance somewhat.