Saturday, January 12, 2013


Before I could rush off – juiced up and half-cocked – Uncle Jim arrived in a cloud of dust and irritation.

“Christ’s tits, you two!” He glanced at Nate’s car. “Where is he?”

I pointed south. “Bastard left me behind.”

“You wanna vent or find something to save your idiot brother?” He tossed me the book.

It thrummed.

“You’re giving it back?”

“Pfft. I made a copy. Now hurry. Clock’s running out.”

The book opened to the right page. Intentionally.

I swore.

“How bad?” Jim asked.

“Unimaginably.” I stepped onto the ley cross.

“Don’t! That’s…”

Magic surged through me, burning. “I know.”


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