Friday, December 14, 2012

Give and Take

I tried to keep my blood from hitting the circle, knew when it did, hated (loved) what came next. Aching from crown to heel, mouth filled with hot copper – such familiar comfort – I tugged on the thread connecting us and commanded Nate to sleep, the first offensive spell I’d learned.

His eyes filled with murder before he slumped to the floor. For wounds inflicted, I did not catch him.

I cleansed the circle, crying, same as I had the night I’d been orphaned. The lab wasn’t sterile when I left, Nate over my shoulder, but it would have to do.



  1. Oh boy - found this here before Prediction - what a treat and such clever use of the prompts, not to say wonderfully rich and fulfilling episode. Eventually I want the novel but the weekly doses, from you and Colleen, keep me (mostly) satisfied.
    All is so good but "For wounds inflicted, I did not catch him." especially impacted.

  2. Thank you so much! I really enjoy writing this series, and I know Colleen does, too. Keeping the story going with random word prompts is a challenge, but a fun one.