Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Disaster thwarted, I set the book before Uncle Jim. He swooped, an owl snatching up knowledge-prey. “Language?”

“Romanian cipher. I’ll provide the key.”

He pointed to a sunburst symbol. “Ain’t seen that before.”

I unzipped, revealing it’s like, magic-branded on my hip. “It represents me, the First of Many.”

Jim whistled. “Fuck.”

“Probably a bad idea,” I drawled.

“Explain.” Nate had traded gun for scowl.

“Prophecy says my great-grandson will ‘break the world’.”

“Then don’t breed.”

I didn’t need Nate’s warning, but he needed mine. “We’re already being hunted.”


“Unless you’ve forsaken me.”


Magic built, awaiting his answer.


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