Friday, June 16, 2006

Riddle me this...

You know what I've never been able to figure out? How is it that wingnuts are so opposed to abortion but okay with killing. I mean, we know that no true Christian or right wing republican would ever get an abortion, right? Surely they have enough control over their women folk to make sure they don't get one. And it's okay to advocate for the murder of liberals because they're in league with Islamofascists (just wtf does that word mean, anyway?). So why not just allow all the liberals to get their abortions, thus reducing the number of potential tree hugging, dirt worshipping, homosexual marriage loving traitors? I believe they really haven't thought this through yet.

Unlesss......nah, it couldn't be.....well, maybe.....maybe it's because the liberals they think of most are over-educated white folks and since they feel like they're losing the ethnicity race, we have to find a way to prevent the white women from controlling their reproductivity (yes, I made that word up. so what?). If they could actually be forced to breed, then maybe the brown people wouldn't take over in 10 years or so. I think there was a book about that, but I've never read it.


  1. I've always been fascinated by the hypocrisy of The Right (tm). They explain their desire to dominate other women's reproductive choices by saying they are for the protection of "all life" (apparently including blastocytes). But the blood-lust sparkle they get in their eyes when arguing forcefully for the death penalty seems to deny the truthfulness in that explanation. And it is nearly universal in anti-choice conservatives, this love for the barbaric act of execution...


  2. Well isn't it obvious, I mean how dangerous thoes damn liberals are! Oh crap I forgot I am one of them... I personally think the reason that these so called "conservatives" oppose abortion, is simply idiocy to get the "wrong people" out of their party. By wrong people I mean any progressive, and any well educated person who doesn't fit into the former category. They are people who might have the audacity to think for themselves. Where as, the people who oppose a woman's right to choose her own future, are probably conservatives who have 10+ children themselves, and want to court the other conservative breeders who will give them more votes later. Maybe I am too cynical, but I prefer to think of myself as jaded realist.